Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another in the Win Column

So... in addition to 6 glasses of water (so far)...

Shake: 200 calories
Stale baby corn snacks (I know...  Don't say it...): 25 calories
Healthy Choice Steamer: 260 calories (and it was yummy!)
Snack Pack (choc covered pretzels): 100 calories
Diet Dr Pepper: 0 calories
Edit@8:10pm: 4 more glasses of water and homemade enchiladas with salad (770 calories)
Total calories: 1355

And, last night, I opted for the healthy choice and got the Veggie Medley from the Thai place instead of the more caloric curry.

Of course, tonight, I'm making enchiladas, so... a lot of calories there.  But I'm at less than 600 for the day before that!