Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday, 10/22

Woke up this morning to another pound down on the scale!  231.5!

No Breakfast
Lunch: Tuna fish and a large salad (450c)
Snack: 2 Kashi cookies (260c)
Snack: Jello Mouse (60c) and ColbyJack string cheese (90c)

I have power yoga tonight (yay for burning 500c!) and then, let's see... What to make for dinner!  I picked up some fresh veggies from a farm stand, so those will play a role!

Edit@11:43pm.  I'd say the yoga was a cross between fitness and power, so we'll give it 350c burned. 
Dinner: Mashed sweet potatoes (330c), green beans (50c), Quorn Gruyere cutlet (260c), total: 640c

Total for the day: 1500c
Total burned: 350c