Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday, Oct 8th

SF Shake: 200c
Tuna salad on english muffin and 8oz unsweetened iced tea: 275c
WW snackcake: 80c
Edit@3:55pm- Snack Pack: 100c
Edit@6:29- Milkshake made with sugar-free butter pecan ice cream, approx 600 calories

Took the kids on a walk to the supermarket and back: 140 calories burned

Okay, so I totally bombed today.  Feeling slightly depressed about it.  I havent even had dinner and, already, I've had 1255 calories.  If I add a regular dinner of 600 or so calories to that, I'm looking at over 1800 calories- EEK!  And I'd been so good!  I'm bummed :(

But, in good news, I stepped on the scale and it read 234.5 this morning.  While it will probably be higher tomorrow because of my ice cream slip up, it was nice for today. 

Edited@7:17pm: Peter encouraged me to go for a bike ride to lift my spirits- and it totally worked!  Half an hour at 10mph (so, roughly, a 5 mile ride) burned 300 calories!  I'm happy with that!  

Dinner: White Clam Pasta and Garlic Bread: 600c