Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, 10/11

Back on the wagon...

Breakfast:  I'm out of milk, so... no shake :(  But, I did enjoy my tasty treat!  2 eggs (fried with Pam spray) (140c), 2 pieces of vegetarian "bacon" (60c), and 2 pieces of WW bread, toasted, with 2/3tsp "buttery spread" (110c).  So, all together 300 calories.  And it was delicious and very filling!

Lunch: Tuna sandwich (100c plus 50c for mayo plus 10c for minced onion) on WW bread (90c), a diet cherry Dr Pepper (0c), and a 100c pack of choc covered pretzels (100c).  Grand total...300 calories!  And, again, as with breakfast, it was delicious and very filling.

I'm doing some light housework now before I feed the kid lunch, bathe them, and play with them.  I'm hoping to get a run in tonight with Sarah.  We shall see!  I loved when Peter dropped us off and we ran home.  It gave us the impetus to do the full 3 miles, since we had to get back home anyway!

Mmmm.... What will I do with my other 900 calories for the day... ;)

Edit@ 8:14pm
Feeling pretty good about the day still.  I was hungry mid-day so I had a HC meal (230c) and a piece of pumpkin bread (not sure about the calories- I'll guess 150?).  So about 380c.  Then, I had a skinny pumpkin latte  (181c for the milk, none for the espresso, and 49 for the flavoring, so 230c).  For dinner, I had stirfry over rice and vegan black pepper steak. (410c).  For dessert, a WW carrot cake (90c), so 500c total.

That brings my total for the day to 1710, about 210 more than I'd like, but still a good place.  Especially since I walked to the store (140c burned) and then Sarah & I jogged for a half hour (about 2.25-2.5 miles, I'm guessing in distance, but whatever the distance, we burned about 372 calories), so I burned about 512 calories!  Woo Hoo!  (I get my calories burned from this site; it's pretty awesome.)

All in all, I'm happy with the day!  On to tomorrow!!