Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, Oct 18th

Breakfast: Shake (200c)
Lunch: 240c
Snack: 100c
Snack: 200c
Dinner (shoot me now...)  We went to Elevation Burger.  While there are no official calorie counts, online I found the following: Elevation Burger (1700c), fries (200c), 16oz chocolate malt (800c), and a coke zero (0c).  That means, dinner alone, **gulp** was 2700c.  We have to stop doing EB... The calories are killing me!
Total for the day...  2700+740=3440.  YUCK.  Not a great way to start off the week.

I'm looking over the class schedule at the gym where we will be living near in (gulp) 11 days, and there are a few I think I'd like to take.

Definitely the Friday night Ashtanga class (burns 500c).  And there is something I *could* do each night of the week, I think.

Monday: Fitness Yoga 6pm or Pilates 7pm
Tuesday: Fitness Yoga 7pm
Wednesday: Cardio Blast 6:30pm
Thursday: Fitness Yoga 6:30pm
Friday:  Ashtanga Yoga 6:30pm
Saturday: Pilates 9:30am or Fitness Yoga 10:30am or Hatha Yoga 11:30am
Sunday: Fitness Yoga 10am

There are a few morning classes too:
Monday: Fitness Yoga 10:30am
Tuesday: Yogalates 8:30am or Fitness Yoga 10:30am
Wednesday: Pilates 10:30am
Thursday: Yogalates 8:30am
Friday:  Fitness Yoga: 10:30am

So, we shall see if I can manage 3 a week once we move!  Plus my running of course!