Saturday, October 9, 2010

Slipped From the Wagon...

So, last night...  I wanted/needed/whoknowswhat a snack...  So I ate a 100 calorie chocolate covered pretzel pack... Still wanted more... So a WW cake at 90 calories... Still more... Finally a frozen fruit pop at 80 calories and I decided that, even though I wanted more, I'd just packed in nearly 300 calories and really needed to go to bed.  I feel terrible.  But today... Well... It's a new day.

I made pancakes this morning: pumpkin walnut.  And they were delicious.  One serving (4 small pancakes) packed 390 calories and the 1/8 cup of maple syrup (although there was plenty left on my plate because I'm not a huge syrup eater) added another 100 calories, so 490, minus a few for not eating all the syrup.  Then, 5 hours later, I had lunch, a HC frozen meal (delicious, I tell you!) for 220 calories and, to satisfy that nagging sweet tooth, a SF bar that, I swear, reminds me of a Butterfinger candybar, just in a much smaller version!  And, best of all, it's only 100 calories.  And a diet cherry Dr Pepper.  So, my breakdown for today looks like:
Breakfast: 490 calories
Lunch: 320 calories

Since I've been trying to keep my caloric intake around 1500, that gives me about 690 calories for the rest of the day.  One of the lower calorie dinners and a snack, and that pretty much finishes me off!  But, that's okay.  This is a journey.  And a process.  And I've got a lot- A LOT- to learn.

And now.. to step on the scale for my daily weigh in... Ugh...

Updated at 9:54pm: In good news, my scale read the same thing yesterday's read, which was 234.5.  In bad news, we went to Elevation Burger around 4pm.  I absolutely love EB and, while I tried to do good, I still packed in a burger and fries.   I'm estimated about 550 calories for the burger and the fries (thank you, olive oil) at 200.  It may be under estimating, but I'm thinking about 750 (easy) for dinner (I had a Coke Zero, so that helped, I suppose).  That takes me over 1500, but what really does it is the fact that I just ate a second dinner because I was hungry!  I had a HC frozen meal for 260c plus a WW dessert cake for 80c.  Funtimes.

Oh, yeah, and my waist measures 41 inches and my hips 51 inches.  How did I ever let myself get this fat?