Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Still Doing Okay...

Breakfast: Slim Fast Shake (200c)
Snack: Tuna Fish with 1tbsp mayo, minced onion, celery seed (150c)
Lunch: Slim Fast Shake (200c)
Snack: Coffee with 3tbsp coconut milk creamer and 1tsp splenda  (64c)
Updated@5:21pm: Snack: Cliff Chocolate Chip Bar (OMG-delicious!) (240c)
Updated@10:57pm: Dinner: Thai Vegetable Medley with a light brown sauce over rice (estimated 350c) and lemongrass soup (estimated 200c)
Total Calories for the day:  1404

I'll consider this a win in my column!!!

I just talked to Peter and he talked about grabbing Thai food for dinner.  I LOVE THAI FOOD.  If I get my traditional lemongrass soup (200 calories) and Massaman curry (about 400 calories at least) over rice (about 200 calories), I'm going to have nearly 1000 calories with dinner.  Since I had hoped to keep about 1800 for the day, that isn't going to work out so well!  Do I splurge and have the meal I love?  Or do I go with something, perhaps, a little less caloric...