Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday, 10/24

No Breakfast

Lunch: 1/4 of my Blue Sage wrap from last night (I shared the 1/2 I saved with Peter), est. 200c; homemade cream of asparagus & shrimp soup (it's the table cream that kills it!), 380c; coffee with creamer, 50c, Cherry Coke Zero, 0c.  Total: 630c

For dinner, I'm making mediterranean wraps and cream of sweet potato soup (all from scratch).  It will be interesting to see the calorie counts once I add stuff up!  But, on a good note, Sarah and I have planned a run!

Edited 10/25: Well, we didnt run (although we did go shopping...)  Everyone else, babies included, loved the soup, but I wasnt a big fan, so I'll give myself 100c for the few bites I took.  However, I (in addition to Sarah and Peter) LOVED the wraps!  A whole wrap was, easily, 500c, and I ate half a second wrap!  So, 750c.  Total for dinner: 850c.  Afterwards, I had a late snack: a 60c pudding container.  It was delicious!

Total for the day: 1540c