Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday, 10/27

Weight: 230.5

Breakfast: eggs, toast, veggie bacon, apple cider= 500c
Lunch: snow crab roll sushi (500c) and pudding (60c) and Coke Zero= 560c
Dinner: 2 small fried pork chops (250c), rice (200c), beans (150c), cornbread (170c), Coke Zero= 770c

Total Calories: 1830c

While I didnt do any formal exercise, I did pack a lot of boxes, which worked up a sweat.

Edit@11pm.  I was hungry so I broke down and had a pudding (60c) and 4 carrots (100c) with light ranch (80c), for a total of 240c.  :(  That brings my total for the day to 2070.