Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday, 11/26

I cant believe it, but even with hogging up yesterday, I lost half a pound!!!
weight: 220

Breakfast: 2 eggs (140c), plain scone biscuit (110c), scone biscuit with a swipe of cinnamon butter & blackberry preserves (160c), 1 Morningstar maple sausage (80c), 8oz Trop50 pom-blueberry juice (50c)= 540c

Lunch: homemade turkey vegetable soup (250c), homemade cornbread stuffing (400c)=650c

Snack: eggnog=300c

Dinner: Turkey Salad and Stuffing sandwich (460c), Sunchips (140c)=600c

Snack: handful of M&Ms=200c

Total: 2290c

I cant believe the day after thanksgiving is actually this much worse!  I'll probably weigh a pound more tomorrow!!!  EEK!!!