Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mon, 11/8; Tues, 11/9; Wed, 11/10

Mon (1800)
Cereal with milk 300c
Ham Crossaint sandwich 800c
Lobster 125c, Twice Baked Potato 550c, Broccoli 25c

Tues (2500)
Cereal with milk 300c
Burrito 1200c
Lasagna 800c, salad with LC ranch 200c
**Walked 1.5 miles around the park- burned 200 cals**

Wed (1740)
Cereal with Almond Milk 240c
Zoups Chicken & Garlic soup 100c with roll 100c and 1/2 chicken sandwich 250c
4 cookies 250c
Lasagna 800c
**Walked 1.5 miles to town and back- burned 200 cals**
Weight: 238.5