Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday, 11/1

Breakfast: Went to Franconia Heritage.  Ate half of slice of pumpkin french toast (240c), veggie & cheese omelet (400c), half a plain biscuit with orange marmalade (150c), 1 piece of buttered toast (150c), and 2 cups of black coffee (10c), for a total of: 950c.  Although these are estimates, it doesn't make me happy to see!

Dinner: We went to Bocelli's, so all of thes are estimates.  I honestly dont even want to think about the calories.  Peter and I (and the babies) split a salmon carpacio.  I had about 6-8oz of red wine with my dinner of chicken parm over spaghetti.  Then, I had an espresso and shared some tiramisu with Maya. Finally, I had a shot of lemoncello.  I had to eat at least 2500 calories... I'm sure of it.  We'll go with that.

Which means I'm starting off November pretty poorly, at about 3450 calories.  EEK!!!  Tomorrow has GOT to be a better day!