Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday, 11/11

Breakfast: oat bran cereal with almond milk (240c) and coffee (30c)=270c

Lunch: cream of celery soup (135c) made with milk (90c) with 4 flatbread crackers (120c) and a piece of string cheese (90c) and Coke Zero=435c

Walked with the kids burned 130 calories and running the equiv of a 5K with Sarah (in 37 minutes no less!!!) burned 450 calories!)

Snack: piece of pumpkin bread=130c

Dinner: herb roasted fingerling potatoes (250c), rotissori chicken (white meat) (400c), gourmet salad (250c)=900c
Dessert: gourmet 1 1/3 mixed cupcakes (850c) & 1/3 mini loaf chocolate hazelnut bread (200c)=1050c

Total: 2785

I've got to stop eating like this.  I know better.  I really wanted the dessert, but, without it, I would have been so much closer to my eating goals.  I'm very disappointed in myself.  Very disappointed.