Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday, 11/25

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Weight: 220.5

Breakfast: one buttermilk pancake, plain (100c) and 1 cup of coffee (5c) with stevia (5c) and creamer (40c)=150c
Snack: Strongbow (1/2 bottle) 70c
Dinner: turkey (200c), stuffing (150c), mashed potatoes (200c), yams (200c), roll (100c), green bean casserole (200c), creamed onions (200c), white wine (30c), pumpkin pie (200c), coffee (50c)=1485c
Snack: a few more slices of turkey=300c (but, it was good protein to help rebuild from our kickass run!)

Total: 2005 calories

Jogged for over an hour with Sarah through two parks for 4.52 miles = burned 700 calories (that should warrant a piece of pie!!!)

Thanksgiving was a day that I was not looking forward to, calorie wise.  In addition to being surrounded by family and friends and so much good food, I just couldnt anticipate not eating to my heart's content.  But, since I was serving, I just put smaller helpings.  You could actually see my plate under my food!  I was able to taste a little of everything and had no more than 5-6 bites of any one thing.  When I was finished, I wasnt hungry... I wasnt stuffed either, but I could have eaten more.  I just chose not to.  I figured that, if I were hungry later, I'd eat something else.

Which is what happened... So, I had a few slices of turkey.  Right now, I want to eat more (because it is soooo good!!!) but I am choosing not to...  Because I'm not hungry!