Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in Review: 2010

2010 was the year that I decided to take back my life...  That I decided to stop blaming and quit making excuses, and to start seeing my weight as not only a problem, but I problem that I could- and should- take responsibility for.  I made the decision to stop using my Hashimoto's and PCOS as my inability to lose weight and to quite making my grief an excuse for eating.

One of the most interesting things of 2010 was the amount of physical activity I got in as I was training for races... and yet, no weight loss.  Not a pound.  I ran, biked, and swam several times a week, and competed in a couple of races.  Nothing.  We joked about it, but really- who works out that hard and the scale holds steady?  Someone who eats... and eats... and eats...

I could blame growing up without really giving a damn about portion control.  But let's be honest....  I'm a grown up.  I've read books and articles and know what portions look like.  I just wasnt putting a portion on my plate.  Maybe 2 or 3 or 4 portions.  And then, because I didn't want to waste the food, I would eat it.  And eat it.  And then eat some more.  And, while I was cleaning up, maybe a little more.  And then, there were the food choices. If I wanted it, I'd eat it, without a real thought as to what I was consuming.

I love to cook and I love to eat, and my weight showed it!

By September 2010, I weighed 240 pounds, which was only 10 pounds lighter than my heaviest when pregnant with Bobby and Maya (a few days prior to labor, I weighed in at 250lbs).  Being told that I carry my weight well and that I looked fine helped me see passed my obesity and it wasnt until I was in a dear friend's wedding and saw the pictures that my weight was so clearly in front of me.  I cried that day.  It wasn't embarrassing enough that my bridesmaid's dress was too tight and I had to be sewn into it.  It wasn't embarrassing enough that I couldnt wear my bra because nothing else would fit in that dress.  But looking at the pictures of all of us together...  These beautiful women, having a great time.  That's when I saw myself- and my weight.  That's when it was just too much to ignore.
at the bridal shower in July
at the wedding in September

When I look back on the pictures, I barely recognize myself.  It's hard to look at that image and know it is you, but not be able to really "see" it.  And, frankly, hearing how "great" I look for having twins or how I "carry the weight well" only gave me an excuse to ignore the fact that I was 240lbs and looking at 250lbs in the face.  That I wore a size 18 pants (and wrote it off that, at least I wasnt in the size 20 pants I was in when I was working or pregnant).  That I couldnt shop outside of Lane Bryant because most stores didnt have clothes that fit.  Seeing the wedding pictures made me acutely aware that I had to take responsibility for myself and for the choices I was making.  They also gave me the opportunity to look at the how of "how did I get here".

Part of it is my health concerns.  Yes, Hashimoto's and PCOS do influence the body and how the body metabolizes.  HOWEVER, it just makes the body's job so much harder when you put crap into it on top of that.  Yes, they (and Hashimoto's especially) do make it hard to get up and get moving sometimes and, as my DJD gets worse and I seem to be moving closer to early arthritis, it can be very painful to wake up.  But none of these things make making healthier choices impossible.  In fact, they should be a catalyst for those healthy choices!  Less weight=less joint pain.  Better foods=more energy.  These are good things!

Part of it is grief.  When we hurt emotionally, it is so much easier to try and dull that pain with something.  My drug of choice has been food.  When it hurts, bake a cake... And eat it.  Lots of it.  When you feel so let down by your body, show it who's boss by making a huge dinner... and stuffing yourself until you can hold no more.  When it hurts and you'd rather crawl under a rock than breathe but you are out with friends and want to show them that you're okay, order a delicious and decadent meal... and finish the whole thing, then follow it up by the biggest designer coffee they make (and a piece of cake!).  But it doesn't work.  The emptiness, the heartbreak... It's still there.  It may be under a layer or two or three of fat... But it's still there.  And it still hurts just as much.

Part of it, as well, are the unhealthy habits I brought into adulthood.  We all know the teenage syndrome- where you can eat nothing but crap and drink soda and coffee and not gain a pound.  I was there.  It was great.  (Was it?  Looking back, my memory says yes, but I honestly can't imagine that as "great" for my body).  I was athletic and didnt really worry about weight gain.  I ate what I wanted, drank what I wanted, and all was good.  I also saw my mom yoyo with her weight and inherited some very bad body image habits.  I saw how she was never happy with herself and saw herself as fat.  My mom is beautiful.  Regardless of her weight, she always has been.  But kids and life got in the way and her very fit body became the typical "mom" body because she didnt/wasnt able to/etc focus on herself for more than a second at a time.  And that led to self loathing.  And, at times, putting the entire family on a diet of some sort.  There were times when she would try to force portion control on us, but, for the most part, people just took multiple helpings.  It wasn't eat until you aren't hungry or until you are satiated; it was eat until you were stuffed so full you couldnt walk.  And, when we did eat together, it was eat quickly so you can get on about your day.  It was tough raising kids and working hard to be the PTA mom/working mom/stay at home mom- all rolled into one.  And, as such, I saw how much little time she gave herself in all that.  And her body image suffered.  And, growing up in the southern tradition of fried foods and fatty foods, her body itself suffered too.  As a woman, I think we see our moms (and female role models) and we subconsciously fall into their body traps as we are confronted with the societal view of what is beautiful (perhaps over what is healthy).

Seeing this all clearly, for the first time in a long time, made me realize that I dont want Bobby and Maya to see the self loathing I have.  I dont want them to take it on themselves.  I dont want them to subconsciously bring those issues to their own bodies.  It's not fair to them.  And it isn't fair to me either.  We all deserve better than this.  Looking at them gave me the push to make their lives better by giving them a mother who is going to be around to raise them... By giving them a mother who is a healthy example.

Of course, it does come back to weight too.  I dont want to be fat.  I dont want to be obese or overweight.  I dont want to be unhealthy (and unhappy).  Our lives are so limited; I want to live each day to its fullest and have no regrets.  There is so much I can't change; for the things that I can change, I want those changes to be positive ones and ones that benefit myself, my family, and my community.

And so, here we are...  3 months into this change.  And (31) pounds lighter.  31 pounds... That's a toddler.  Gone.  Down to a Lane Bryant 14 in pants (and those are loose).  It translates into around a 16 in regular pant sizes (from the 20 I was, since I was in LB 18s).  But they are loose and I have to look into buying pants at a "regular" store.   Emotionally, I still weigh 240 and I'm still ashamed of my weight.  But, looking at my body... Looking at this body...
the day after Christmas, 210lbs
... I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I see the positive example that I want to be.  And that is a beautiful thing.

So, what am I doing?  What is different about what I was doing versus the me of today?

I'm exercising.  I run or bike or swim or do yoga or ab work at least 2-3 times (usually 3 or more to be honest!).  It started with me barely being about to bang out a quarter of a mile without thinking I'd die.  Now, I can easily run 4-5 miles and have done well over 6 miles.  With winter, I think I'm going to make 5 miles my "long" run and bring it up in the spring, but I'm out there.  And that is a big deal for me.

I'm exercising portion control.  I know my weakness and, one of them, is self control.  I know that I needed to teach and relearn how to control my food impulses.  Part of that has been dropping full calorie soda and switching completely to Coke Zero.  And, if I'm out and there isnt any Coke Zero, then it's water.  I also have been drinking water during the day.  I buy the 100 calorie packs and that is what I eat, and then I'm done.  I eat Lean Cuisine meals for my lunches.  I look at serving sizes and calories per gram and I make better choices based on that.  I eat a bit and tell myself that I can have more in half an hour/an hour/whenever if I am still hungry but that, right now, it's time to walk away.  I have talks with myself: "Are you hungry?  No??  Then get out of the kitchen." "Are you hungry? Yes? Just a little bit?  Then have a 100c pack and, if you are still hungry in an hour, we can reevaluate."  "Are you hungry? Not really but you are having a hankering for something sweet?  Wait half an hour and, if the urge is still there, have a 60c pudding or a 100c pack."  Sometimes I forget I want the sweet taste.  Other times, I'm counting down the half hour (or whatever time I've set.)  If I need a snack, I have the snack.  But it is in proportion.  I know that it is too easy for me to just eat a bag of chips.  So, I dont have the big bags right now.  Maybe in the future, it will be easier.  I am testing myself.  I keep the M&M bowl that Peter likes handy.  And I walk by it.  Or, if I decide that I'm going to have some, I eat 5 (55 calories) and move on.  It's hard.  It's really hard sometimes.

When we go out to eat, I try to scope out the restaurant beforehand so I know what I am going to eat and can figure out calories/portion size, etc.  It's tough, especially when I know the temptation will be there.  But it's okay.  And, surprisingly, I'm enjoying food MORE.  Because I savor it and I am really getting up close and personal with the flavors.  I dont feel deprived.  I feel satiated.  It's a new feeling... A good one.

When I need to, I ask for help.  As embarrassing and hard as not just knowing my weight was but actually speaking it outloud to a few select folks, I knew that I needed to tell Peter and talk to him openly.  I needed to let him know that, while I appreciate his belief that I am beautiful, I didnt feel that way inside and why.  I needed him to know what would help me and what would send me over the edge (when he thought he was "helping").  I needed him to know that sometimes I might call on him, not because I needed him to "fix it" but because I needed a voice on the other end of the phone, a voice that would tell me it was okay and that I was stronger than the urge to eat.  I told Sarah because, as my workout partner and best friend, I knew I would need someone to vent to on the bad days and someone to celebrate the good days with.  And, there have been times that I've needed to call on them.  And just talk.  And they've helped.  Their support has made ALL the difference, especially during the hard times.

I've also made myself accountable.  I am responsible for my weight.  What I eat, exercising, etc... I make these choices and I am responsible for who I am.  Part of recording this journey has been forcing honesty in what I eat and how I exercise.  I also went into this with, in spite of my embarrassment, making this public at some stage, to tie in with My Life After Loss, since this is part of my journey.  Part of that means being honest so that others can be helped.  There's something about that accountability.  It helps me make better choices.

I'm not perfect.  And, when I have a 3000 calorie day, it's okay.  I dont beat myself up.  I tell myself that tomorrow will be different and I move on.  There's no point in holding onto that; there's tomorrow to think about.  And, from where I'm sitting right now, tomorrow's a pretty bright day.

Month In Review: December 2010

I began December weighing 218.5lbs with a BMI of 34.2.
As of January 1st, I weigh 209lbs and have a BMI of 32.7.
I have lost 9.5lbs and 1.5 BMI points.
Overall, I have lost 31 lbs and 4.9 BMI points.
For the month of December, I worked out 18 times, with a mix of yoga, running, walking, swimming, and ab work.  This averages to more than every other day!

My calorie goal per day for December was to consume 1700 calories.  My best day was 1220 and my worst day was 3110, for an average of 1863.5 per day.  This is 163.5 over my increased goal, and is a huge decrease from last month.  I am happy with this!  In spite of being over my goal of 1700 calories per day, December is the month of Christmas and I am proud of myself for continuing to lose weight in spite of the holiday feasting.  I actually lost weight over Christmas!  I didnt deprive myself during the holidays; in fact, I ate a cookie at this party or a piece of pie at this one.  But it was ONE cookie or ONE sliver of pie- and then that was it.  I ate the different foods- but I ate a little bit of them.  And, surprisingly, I wasn't hungry at the end of it.

Overall, I am very happy with my weight loss of approx. 2.5lbs/wk, even with increased calories due to the holidays.  I am happy with working out 3/wk as a regular goal (and even fitting in more some weeks!). 

Friday, 12/31

Weight: 209

Breakfast: yogurt (140), bagel (110), cream cheese (80), chocolate almond milk (120)=450c
Snack: 100c pack=100c
Appetizers: Shrimp (100c), dip on crackers (200c), carrots (60c), fruit drink (400c)=760c
Dinner: crab cake (150c), steak (250c), potato (250c), asparagus (50c), hollandaise sauce (100c), piece of cake (300c), coffee (75c)= 1175c

Total: 2485

While it was more calories than I'd like, it was a lovely dinner with friends.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday, 12/30

Weight: 209

Breakfast: 3 pieces bacon (200c), toast (100c), jelly (45c), tea, 2 eggs (140c)=485c
Lunch: LC meal=300c
Dinner: Gruyere cutlet (300c), collard greens (50c), potato (150c)=500c
Dessert: Pudding= 60c
Snack: 100c pack=100c

Total: 1445

Ran 3.4 miles in 48 minutes, burned 530 calories (and I got to run outside on snow covered trails!)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday, 12/29

Snack: 100c pack= 100c
Lunch: HC meal=270c
Snack: dried vegetable chips (75c), 100c pack (100c)=175c
Dinner: homemade burger (250c) on thin bun (100c) with lettuce (10c), tomato (25c), cheese (90c), fried onions (50c), and condiments (40c), with oven roasted potatoes (150c) and salad (200c), followed by pudding (60c)=975c
Snack: 2 cookies (150c) and plain hot tea=150c

Total: 1670c

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday, 12/28

Weight: 209.5

Pre-workout snack: energy bar=170c

Lunch: basmati rice (150), lamb tikki masala (180), lamb/egg dish (150c), lentils (100c), mango lassi (100), veggie samosa(200), naan (75)= 955c

Dinner: small baked potato (120) with sour cream (20) and butter (20), gruyere cutlet (260), collard greens (50), and pudding (60)= 530c

(1655 calories)

Jogged 35 minutes and nearly 2.75 miles on the treadmill, burned 385 calories

Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday, 12/27

Breakfast: Panatone French Toast (270c) and 1tbsp maple syrup (50) and tea=320c

Snack: 100c pack= 100c

Lunch: LC meal=280c

Snack: 100c pack = 100c

Dinner: lasagna (350c), pork (200c), green beans (50c), potato (150c), rice (100c), onions (50c)= 900c

Total: 1700c

The Week in Review, 12/20/10-12/26/10

 started out blogging with the scale reading: 213.5 lbs
As of this morning, the scale reads: 210 lbs
Total Weight Lost:  3.5 lbs
This is worse than last week.

I started out the week hoping to do at least 3 days of exercise.
This week, I ran on 1 day and swam on 1 day.
This is worse than last week.

This week, I wanted to keep my calories around 1700 per day.
My best day logged 1220 calories and my worst day logged 2020 calories.
My average calories, per day, for the week, were 1716.
This is better than last week.

On a scale from 1-10, with 10 being a complete success with no regrets, I would give this week a 9.  While I wish that I could have worked out more than twice in the week, with having 3 holiday days (Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Day After Christmas), I am extremely happy that I managed to fit in some working out.  And, in even better news, I actually LOST weight over Christmas!!!  Even though I wasnt able to fit in working out and even though I ate more calories than I would have liked on Christmas Day, I exercised portion control and even managed a dessert or two!  I wasnt hungry, I wasnt stuffed, and I felt great.  In fact, I just have to post this picture of myself, 30 pounds lighter than when I started this journey!!!

Sunday, 12/26

Breakfast: waffle (200c) and OJ (50c)= 250c

Lunch: Salad (150c) and veggie lasagna (400c)= 550
Dessert: Chocolate Cream Pie (300c) with whipped cream (50c) and coffee (50c)= 400c

Dinner: veggie lasagna slice (400c), slice of pork (100c), relleno (150c)=650c

Total: 1850c

Saturday, 12/25

Merry Christmas!

Breakfast: Crabcake Eggs Benedict (egg (70c) over crabcake (100c) over english muffin half (50c) drizzled with hollandaise (50c)=270c) and fruit compote (250c) with mimosa (150c) and coffee (50c)=720c

Dinner: Salmon over yams (250c), green beans with almond butter (75c), roasted shallots (100c), red cabbage (150c), twice baked potato (200c), 3 gruyere puffs (250c), 2 cookies (175c), coffee (50c), wine (50c)=est 1300c

Est. 2020

Friday, 12/24

Christmas Eve

Honestly, it's Monday, so I am having a very hard time remembering!

Breakfast:  Pancakes=200c
Lunch: LC meal=250c
Dinner: 2 slices roast pork, 2 rellenos, 1/2c spanish rice, 1/2 roll, 4oz wine, 12oz Guinness, 2 cookies= est. 1500c

Est: 1950c

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday, 12/23

Weight: 212

Breakfast: piece of pizza (210c), 100c pack (100c)=310c
Lunch: piece of pizza (210c), 100c pack (100c)=310c
Snack: 100c pack=100c
Dinner: Salad (200c) and quiche (500c)=700c

Total: 1420c

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday, 12/22

Weight: 212

Breakfast: 2 eggs (140c), 1.5 pieces toast (65c)=205c
Lunch: LC meal= 310c
Dinner: (from Dominos) chicken wings (300c) and dip (80c), thin crust 1/4 pie (305c), hand tossed 1/4 pie (420c)=1105c
Dessert: 2 homemade oatmeal raisin cookies= 180c

Total: 1800c

Ran 2.3 miles in 25 minutes, burned 280c

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday, 12/21

Happy Solstice!
Weight: 213.5

Breakfast: oatmeal=260c
Snack: WW cake (90c), caramel (30c)=120c
Lunch: LC meal=320c
Snack: chocolate balls=25c
Dinner: 6 pieces snow crab sushi (300c), butternut squash soup (400), french bread (250c), 100c pack (100c)=1050c


Swam for 20 minutes (approx 450 meters)= 195c burned

Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday, 12/20

Happy Solstice!
Weight: 213.5

Breakfast: cereal w/ almond milk=200c
Snack: 100c pack= 100c
Lunch: LC meal=270c
Snack: 100c pack=100c
Snack: WW cake=90c
Dinner: empanada (200c), spanish rice (200c), green beans (40c)=440c

I'm really proud of myself.  I've pushed myself away from the table after ONE helping because I am NOT hungry (even though I "could" stuff myself and eat more).  I may go back later, if I find myself hungry.  But right now- not hungry.  So, not eating.  Winning this battle!!!


Monday, 12/20

Happy Solstice!
Weight: 213.5

Breakfast: cereal w/ almond milk=200c
Snack: 100c pack= 100c
Lunch: LC meal=270c

The Week in Review, 12/13-12/19

 started out blogging with the scale reading: 217.5 lbs
As of this morning, the scale reads: 213.5 lbs
Total Weight Lost:  4 lbs
This is better than last week.

I started out the week hoping to do at least 3 days of exercise.
This week, I ran on 4 days and did yoga on 1 day.
This is better than last week.

This week, I wanted to keep my calories around 1700 per day.
My best day logged 1440 calories and my worst day logged 2500 calories.
My average calories, per day, for the week, were 1981.
This is better than last week.

On a scale from 1-10, with 10 being a complete success with no regrets, I would give this week a 7.  I was able to get to a yoga class.  I wasnt able to do a complete "long" run due to scheduling issues on Sunday, but that's okay.  I think my body wants me to not increase my mileage for a while and to seriously do more cross training for the winter.  This might slow down my progress, but for the safety of my muscles, I think this is important.  Food wise, we had 2 parties this weekend and, although they were higher calorie days, I am proud of how I did.  Sunday,  I ate until I was full, which isnt good, but I cut myself off and kept from going back to the kitchen.  I saw 212.5 on the scale this week, which was wonderful after seeing an increase last week.  However, after two parties, it is no surprise that my final weight was 213.5 for the week, and I'm just happy it isnt higher!  I also bought a new Christmas dress, which really made me feel good when looking in the mirror at the body I am creating.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday, 12/19

Breakfast: 1 egg (70c), 1/2 eng muffin (50c), 1oz salmon (50c), juice (50c)=220c
Post-Workout: Luna Bar=200c
Dinner: Zucc Lasagna (800c), egg plant parm (400c), salad (200c), cake (300c)= 1700c

Total: 2120

Ran 5.6 miles in 80 minutes, burned 900c

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday, 12/18

Weight: 212.5 (I weighed myself twice- I couldn't believe it!!!)

Breakfast: malted pancakes made with peaches(250c) and topped with a drizzle of maple syrup (50c), homemade, rich hot chocolate-demitasse svg (100c)=400c

Lunch: loaded turkey sandwich (350c) with tabouli (150c) and chips (100c)=600c

For dinner, we went to a Solstice party.  I dont remember all I ate, but I'll guestimate about 1500c

Total: 2500

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday, 12/17

weight: 214.5
Lunch: HC meal= 310c
Snack: 10 M&Ms (110), 100c pack (100c), Skinny Cow bar (100c)=310c
Dinner: fried grouper (350c), tabouli (200c), plantains (300c)= 850c

Total: 1470 calories

45 minute yin yoga class: burned 200 calories

Thursday, 12/16

Breakfast: Cereal=200c
Snack: Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte=150c
Lunch: LC meal=290c
Snack: 5 M&Ms=55c
Snack: 5 M&Ms (55c), 100c pack (100c)=155c
Dinner: Spagetti and veggie meatballs/sausages (650c) and bread (150c)=800c

Total: 1650

Jogged 50 minutes (4 miles) (560) and stretched 15 minutes (100)=660 calories burned

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday, 12/15

Breakfast: instant oatmeal=260c
Lunch: Ruby Tuesday's=650c
Dinner: 1.5 pieces homemade cheese pizza (300c), 1.5 pieces homemade veggie pizza (400c), 2oz red wine (150c), soy eggnog (90c), apple cake (200)=1140c

total: 2050c

Jogged/walked 2.6 miles on the treadmill and burned 390 calories over 34 minutes

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday, 12/14

PreWorkout/PostWorkout: Nutragrain (130c)/Gaterade(40c)=170c
Breakfast: Waffle(200c) and syrup(50c), clementine (70c)=320c
Snack: Tuna Salad (150c), 5 M&Ms (55c), and a caramel (30c)=235
Snack: 10 M&Ms=110c
Lunch: LC meal (280c), cheetos (100c), 5M&Ms (55c)=435c
Snack: Sandwich (90c), M&Ms (110c), popcorn (100c)=300c
Dinner: Falafel Salad (450c), 2 brownies (450c)=900

Total: 2470

Jogged 2 miles (345), walked .3 miles (35c), and stretched 10 minutes (65)= burned 445c

Not a good food day.  I hope my period is coming soon because I have wanted nothing but chocolate and salt (as you can see!) all damn day.  And I decided to just give in.  I feel pretty bad about it, but I really, REALLY wanted the chocolate and I thought I'd just take the plunge and get it over with.  I'll have to work out tomorrow to make up for it, and just get back on the wagon. Tomorrow is another day.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday, 12/13

AM Snack 1: 90 calories snack pack=90c
AM Snack 2: Veg. Jerky=100c
Lunch: LC meal: 350c
PM Snack 1: cookie (70c) and 20 M&Ms (230)=300c
PM Snack 2: popcorn=100c
Dinner: homemade Beef and Veggie Stew (300c) and roll (140c)=440c
Snack: cheetos (100c), pudding (60c), popcorn (100c)= 260c


The Week in Review, 12/6-12/12

 started out blogging with the scale reading: 216.5 lbs
As of this morning, the scale reads: 217.5 lbs
Total Weight GAINED: 1 lb
This is worse than last week.

I started out the week hoping to do at least 3 days of exercise.
This week, I ran on 4 days.
This is worse than last week.

This week, I wanted to keep my calories around 1700 per day.
My best day logged 1645 calories and my worst day logged 3110 calories.
My average calories, per day, for the week, were 2030.
This is worse than last week.

On a scale from 1-10, with 10 being a complete success with no regrets, I would give this week a 3.  I need to cross train with biking/swimming/ab work and stop relying just on running, especially since I pulled a muscle behind my knee.  MORE YOGA!!!  Food wise, we had the RLC party and Mason's 4th b-day party, and things just fell apart.  I am SO disappointed in myself for eating WAAAYYY more at the RLC party than I needed to.  It was delicious, but I should have stopped myself.  I saw the scale hit 215.5 this week and am terribly disappointed that I gained some of the weight back.

Sunday, 12/12

Breakfast: French Toast=300c
Lunch: 3 pieces pizza (750c), birthday cake (750c)=1500c
Dinner: Mediterranean tuna salad (350c) on pita (100c)=450c

Total: 2250
Ran 6.5 miles in 130 minutes in the rain: burned 1265c
Weight: 219.5 (EEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday, 12/11

Weight: 216.5

Breakfast: eggs, toast, turkey=300c

Lunch: Roy Rogers (I'm going to regret this...): chicken breast (370), biscuit (220), coleslaw (110), mashed potatoes (110)= 810 (now, given, I shared with the kids, but still....)

Dinner: Respect Life Committee Christmas party: I can only estimate about 2000 calories (and that may be low): empanadas, stuffed steak, cornbread, cookies, wine, peppermint bark.

Total: est 3110

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday, 12/10

Weight: 217 WTF???????????????  I was under my calories, worked out, and was 215.5 two days ago!  All I can think is that my period should be due any day now...

Breakfast: ham sandwich=200c
Snack: cookie (70), coffee (35)=105
Lunch: HC meal=340c
Snack: 2 mayan brownies=450c
Dinner: chili=650c
After Workout Snack: turkey sandwich=200c
Total:  1945

Ran 3 miles on the track at the gym in about 45 minutes.  Burned 515c

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday, 12/9

Breakfast: irish oatmeal (280c), coffee (30c)=310c
Lunch: ham sandwich (205c), sunchips (140c)=345c
Snack: 2 cookies=140c
Dinner: veggie & shrimp gumbo (250c)- 2 servings=500c
Snack: Skinny Cow bar=100c
Late Night Snack: gumbo=250c (I was starving!)
Total: 1645  calories

Ran 25 minutes.  It was FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was only 1.85 miles but I'm glad we went out at all!  Burned 285 calories.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday, 12/8

Weight: 215.5

Breakfast: 1/4 slice banana bread (55c), ham (80c) and parm (20c) on wheat (80c) with mayo (25c)=260
Lunch: LC meal (250c), SF bar (100c)=350c
Dinner: @ Molly Maguire's Pub- salad w/ ranch (100c- I got the dressing on the side and just lightly dipped so I used practically nothing!), pan seared salmon fillet with mango salsa (400c), rice (150c), and steamed veggies(50c), pint of Guinness (205c); @ Starbucks- small skinny vanilla latte (90c) and cookies (130c)= 1125c

Total: 1735 calories
hardcore housework!  burned about 550 calories

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday, 12/7

Weight: 217

Breakfast: Irish Oatmeal with raisins and sugar (280c), piece of london broil (155c)= 435c
Lunch: 1/2 tuna salad (125) on pumpernickle (80c), sun chips (140c)=345c
PostWorkout Drink: Powerade=0c
Dinner: North African yam & peanut stew (450c) over couscous (200c)=650c
Snack: Skinny Cow bar=100c
Snack: tuna salad (150c) on flatbread crackers (90c)=240c

Total: 1770c

Ran for 38 minutes (2.7m) with Sarah: burned 400c

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Week in Review, 11/29-12/5

I started out blogging with the scale reading: 219 lbs
As of this morning, the scale reads: 216.5 lbs
Total Weight Lost: 2.5 lbs
This is worse than last week.

I started out the week hoping to do at least 3 days of exercise.
This week, I walked, ran, and did ab work on 5 days.
This is better than last week.

This week, I wanted to keep my calories around 1700 per day.
My best day logged 1690 calories and my worst day logged 2325 calories.
My average calories, per day, for the week, were 1942.
This is worse than last week.

On a scale from 1-10, with 10 being a complete success with no regrets, I would give this week a 7.  I am happy that I added a strength training workout to the week and would like to keep that up each week.  I am also thrilled that I ran a 6 mile stretch!!  In addition, I realized that I lost TWO sizes since I was in 20(reg) and dropped to 16(reg) and was an 18(LB) and am now a 14(LB).  I may not be able to shop (for pants at least) at Lane Bryant pretty soon!  In my unhappiness with the week, however, I am disappointed in my calories.  I need to keep a closer watch.  It seems that dinner is really where I fall apart.  Overall, I am still happy with my weight loss.  

Monday, 12/6

Weight: 216.5

Breakfast: cereal (120) and almond milk (30)=150
Snack: 1/2 slice banana bread (115c) and coffee (45c)=160c
Lunch: tuna salad (150c) on WW bread (90c) and tomato soup (220c)=460c
Snack: 4 M&Ms=55c
Dinner: london broil (210c), mushroom & onions (50c), garlic & roasted pepper kale (70c), 1/2 crescent roll (45c), gravy (45c), herbed fingerlings (250c), pumpkin pie (200c), hot choc (60c)= 930c

Total: 1755

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday, 12/5

Breakfast: 2 pieces of bacon (80c), 1 choc chip 4-grain pancake (325), 1 egg (70c)=475c
Post-Workout Snack: gaterade (60c), peanut bar (190c)= 250c
Snack: hot chocolate=60c
Dinner: 2 pieces zucc. lasagna (800), small simple salad (60c), piece of pumpkin pie (320c) with freshly whipped cream (80c)= 1260c

Total: 2045c

Jogged 6 miles, burned 920c; pre and post jog walk of approx 1 mile total, burned 140c= total: 1060c burned  (I think I deserved a piece of pie!!!)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday, 12/4

Breakfast: choc chip 4-grain pancake (325c), chai (75c), Trop50 juice (50c)=450c

Lunch: Mediterranean wraps and sweet couscous salad = 615c
(I made these using similar ingredients so it was hard to separate them out: whole wheat wrap, Parmesan cheese, homemade hummus, romaine lettuce, roasted red peppers, tomato, carrot, cucumber, celery, sprouts, couscous, raisins)

Snack: banana nut bread=225c
Dinner: homemade zucchini lasagna (400c), gourmet salad (200c), few sips of wine (50c)=650c
Dessert: blueberry oatmeal cookie (135c) and soy milk hot chocolate (250c)=385c

Total: 2325

Ab Workout: 10m yoga abs and 10m ab/back workout= burned 130 calories

Friday, 12/3

Weight: 218

Breakfast: 2 eggs (140c), 2 WW toast (90c), chai (75c)=305c
Lunch: tuna salad (250c) on WW pita (100c), chai (75c), lavender cookies (150c)=575c
Dinner: Veggie Jalousie (325c) with gravy (25c), gourmet salad (200c), pickled red cabbage (100c)=650c
Dessert: chai (75c), lavender  cookies (150c)=225c

Total: 1755c

Walked into downtown and back with the kids: approx 2.5m; 90 minutes; burned 390 calories

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thursday, 12/2

Breakfast: oat cereal with milk (200c), juice (50c)=250c
Lunch: tuna salad (250c) on WW pita (100c), 2 cookies (200c), chai tea (65c)=615c
Dinner: homemade lentil loaf (325c), steamed broccoli rabe with pine nuts and garlic(100c), and onion & herb roasted fingerlings (250c)=675c
Dessert: 2 cookies (200c) and chai (65c)=265c

Total: 1805c

Ran 45 minutes with Sarah: burned 520 calories

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday, 12/1

Breakfast: Irish oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar (280c), Trop50 juice (50c)=330c
Snack: Skinny Cow bar=100c
Lunch: LC pumpkin ravioli lunch (300c), pudding (60c), coke zero=360c

Dinner: Nicholas's dinner=900c


Month In Review: November 2010

I began October weighing 227lbs with a BMI of 35.6.
As of November 30th, I weigh 218.5lbs and have a BMI of 34.2
I have lost 8.5lbs and 1.4 BMI points.
Overall, I have lost 21.5lbs and 3.4 BMI points.
For the month of November, I worked out 17 times, with a mix of yoga, running, and walking.  I completed 1 race.  This averages to 3.5 times a week. 

Every two months, I will take my measurements.  My starting measurements for October 1st were: 45.5-40-51 (49).  Measurements for December 1st were: 43.5-38-47 (44.5).  My bust decreased by 2 inches; waist by 2 inches; hips by 4 inches; and stomach by 4.5 inches.  I am very pleased with this.

My calorie goal per day for October was to consume 1700 calories (increased midmonth from 1500).  My best day was 1430 and my worst day was 3450, for an average of 2029.5 per day.  This is 329.5 over my increased goal, and is unacceptable.  In spite of this, November is the month of Thanksgiving and I am proud of myself for continuing to lose weight in spite of the holiday feasting.  We also visited TN, which made eating a challenge.

Overall, I am happy with my weight loss of approx. 2lbs/wk, even with increased calories due to the holidays and visit to TN.  I am happy with working out 3/wk as a regular goal (and even fitting in more some weeks!).