Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, 1/17

Weight: 201 lbs

Breakfast: cheerios (110c), almond milk (20c), chicken (150c), 100c pack (100c)=380c
Snack: 100c pack=100c
Lunch: HC meal=310c
Snack: 100c pack=100c
Post-Workout snack: granola bar=120c
Dinner: bay scallops (275c), risotto (420c), green beans (40c)= 735c

Total: 1745c

Ran 3 miles in 35 minutes~5mph!  This qualifies me to move from "jogging" to "running"- WOO HOO!  Burned 450c.  25 minutes on the elliptical; the machine gave me 325 calories burned but my app says 430.  I'll go with the machine, but if it was the larger number- awesome!  Total burned: 775!