Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday, 1/31

Weight: 194.5

Breakfast: cheerios & almond milk (150c), banana (60c)=210c
AM Snack: granola bar=150c
Lunch: turkey (60c) and cream cheese (35c) on wheat (90c), soup (100c) and crackers (100c)=385c
Pre-Workout Snack: 2 PB cookies=130c
Post-Workout Snack: granola bar (150c), PB cookie (65c)=215c
Dinner: salad (150c), veggies with rosemary (50c), scalloped potatoes (150c), broiled sirloin (300c) with gravy (50c)= 700c

Total: 1790

33 minutes on the elliptical, varying intensity, burned 360c