Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday, 1/22

Weight: 199 (yay!!!)

Breakfast: cheerios (110c), almond milk (20c)=130c
Late-A.M. Snack: SF bar=200c
Lunch: minestrone (100c), bagel (110c), cream cheese (70c), chicken (60c)= 340c
Mid-P.M. Snack: caramel (30c) and SF bar (100c)=130c
Dinner: BBQ country-style ribs (430c), green beans (40c), and couscous (230c), salad (110c), dark choc kiss (25c)=835
Dessert: 2 pieces of chocolate=100c
Late Night Snack: 2 kiffles=220c

Total: 1955