Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday, 1/16

Weight: 201

Still not feeling right in the tummy dept.

Breakfast: egg (70), pork (200), yogurt (110)=380c
Snacks: AKA the moment of weakness- coffee (150c), 100c pack (100c), chocolate (200c)=450c
Dinner: 4oz roasted chicken (200c), 2.5oz oven roasted potatoes (100c), 1oz oven roasted carrots (50c), 1/2 roll (80c), stuffing (240c), salad (40c)= 710c
Dessert: skinny cow bar=100c

Total: 1640c

Thanks to the freezing temps, I didnt get my long run in today :(  Guess that means it will have to happen tomorrow!