Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday, 1/4/11

Weight: 206.5

Snack: tuna with mayo=150c
Lunch: LC meal=250c
Snack: 100c pack=100c
Post-Workout Snack: bagel w/ cream cheese and turkey=250c
Dinner: baked flounder (40c), mashed potatoes (165c), peas (70c), yeast roll (100c), salad w/ dressing (150c)=525c
Dessert: tea and WW cake (90c)=90c
Snack: strawberry yogurt (110c) and pudding (60c)=170

Total: 1535

Stationary Bike for 13.4 miles in 37 minutes: burned (almost 22mph): burned 610 calories