Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday, 1/12

Weight: 201 (I actually expected higher, but the week is young... recovering from illness is never fun for weight...)

Breakfast: 1c multigrain cherrios (110c) with 1/4c almond milk (30c), 1c V8 (50c), and fruit & yogurt pack (80c)= 270c

Lunch: bagel (110c) with cream cheese (70c) and 3oz turkey (90c), 100c pack (100c)=270c

Dinner: (@P's parents) 12oz homemade beef stew (350c), 2 small pieces of sourdough bread (150c), french vanilla coffee (105c), orange creme cake (120c)=725c

Snack: yogurt=100c

Total: 1365c

biked 10 miles in 28 minutes, burned 450c