Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday, 1/26

Weight: 195.5

Breakfast: eggs (140c), fried potatoes (120c), toast (80c) with whipped butter (15c) and jam (30c), and V8 (50c)=435c
Lunch: bagel with cream cheese and turkey (160c), 100c pack (100c), banana (60c)=320
Early PM Snack: cookie=110c
Late PM Snack: snacks with the kids=150c
Dinner: stuffed portabella cap and tomato (425), asian seasoned veggies (75)=500c
Dessert: SF bar=100
Total: 1615

Shoveled and snow blowed snow for 90 minutes, burned 400c

It's a snow day for Peter, so I made us a "big" breakfast.  It's funny that this is what I consider now to be "big" at 435 calories... I used to eat that in one helping of 2!