Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!

Weight: 189.5

Breakfast: sprouted english muffin (160c) with 2tbsp peanut butter (190c) and sliced banana (30c), coffee with coconut milk creamer (40c)= 420c
Lunch: @ Katie's:  cheese tortellini with sauce=700c
Snack: chocolate chewie (Whole Foods)=80c
Dinner: NY strip steak (300c) with mushrooms (30c) and onions (45c), sauteed in 1tbsp butter (50c), mashed sweet potato (215c), kale (125c), sprouted bread (100c) with butter (20c), wine (150c)=1035
Dessert: WF chocolate chewie cookie (160 each) and strawberries (30c) and whipped cream (15c)=205c

Total: 2440c

While not the type of calories I'd like to have on a given day, it's Valentine's Day and I got to make a delicious meal for my honey. :)  Not to mention, a fun lunch with Katie.