Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Weight: 188.5

Breakfast: cheerios (110c) with almond milk (20c), coffee (40c), and yogurt (50c)=220c
Snack: Greek yogurt=120c
Lunch @ Elevation Burger: burger (750c), fries (500c)=1250c
Snack: 3 100-cal packs=300c
Dinner: roasted skinless chicken breast with herbs and lemon (200c), herb roasted red potatos (200c), salad (150c), and pecan pie (200c)=750c

Total: 2640

I'm guessing tomorrow will be a higher weight day. :(

Today was a really bad food day.  Some of it was eating because I felt melancholy.  Some of it was, 3 hours after a very caloric lunch, I was starving.  Which ticks me off.  I should have told Peter we werent eating there.  I knew this would happen.  :(