Saturday, February 19, 2011


weight: 191

Breakfast: cheerios (125c) with almond milk (20c) and coffee (40c)=185c
Snack: granola bar=140c
Lunch: pastrami sandwich (38g pastrami=55c, 1tbsp mustard=5c, 8g swiss cheese= 30c, 50g german rye bread= 90c)=180c
Dinner: fried cutlet (200c) with bbq sauce (25c), broccoli (20c), red cabbage (80c), yeast roll (140) with butter (25c), chocolate SF bar for dessert (100c)=590c

Total: 1095 calories

ran 3.5 miles, burned 450 calories

Bought new clothes today... sizes 8 and 10 for pants and small/medium/large for shirts.  Wow...  The larges were "misses/jr's".