Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Big "O" (MLAL)

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...a special thanks to Peter for the title of this post...
(and, go ahead: get your mind's out of the gutter)

There are certain things that as of this moment I am not.  And one of those things includes the big "O"...  I, as of this moment, am no longer OBESE.  My BMI is now "overweight"!  (Who the hell gets excited about being overweight?  ME!)

A BMI of 30 or more is considered obese.  When I first started this journey in the fall, mine was *gulp* 37.6.  So, not just obese but close to morbidly obese (which is anything over 40, which I was inching close to).  In order to get my BMI into "overweight", I needed to hit 191.  As of this morning, I am 189.  No longer obese.  (Curious what you are?  Click here to calculate.)  In order to get out of the dreaded "overweight" category, my "normal" weight BMI begins at 159, so 30 pounds away!

But for now, overweight isnt dreaded.  It's been anticipated and hoped for.  It's been worked for.  Worked hard for.

And I'm proud.  So very proud of the work I've done and getting to this point.  I've traded one big "O" for another.  And, hopefully by my birthday (which is my goal for hitting 150- my goal weight) will see me trading in this much hoped for "O" for an even more hoped for "HW": Healthy Weight.

It's a good place.  I'm pretty psyched. :)