Sunday, March 20, 2011


Happy Ostara!

Weight: 182

Breakfast: cereal (140c) and cookie (100c)=240c
AM Snack: goldfish (55c) and rice cake (45c)=100c
Snack: buffalo steak=125c
Lunch: roasted chicken (300c), rosemary bread (200c), roasted root veggies (200c), salad (200c), deviled eggs (140c), green bean casserole (250c), cake (300c), wine (50c), coffee (60c)=1700c
PostWorkout Dinner: yogurt (140c), chicken (200c), veggies (150c), green bean casserole (150c), deviled egg (70c)=710c

Total: 2875
Net: 2275
Workout: elliptical (300c), strength training (100c), run (200c)=600c