Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Weight: 180.5

breakfast: coffee (40c), cereal (140c), icelandic yogurt (100c), 1/2 slice (37g) banana bread (100c)=380c
lunch: sandwich (250c), chips (90c), 2 cookies (200c)=540c
post-workout snack: strawberry hemp smoothie (250c) and rice cakes (100c)=350c
dinner: raw delights!  marinated mushrooms on salad, "cheez stake", dill potatoes, toona & cheez on raw crackers, salad=est. 500c
dessert: brownie=200c

Total: 1970
Net: 1610

Swimming, 20 minutes: 500m freestyle, moderate pace & 100m backstroke, average pace:  burned 210c
1 hour of strength training: burned 150c