Thursday, March 24, 2011


Weight: 180.5 (again??? ugh!)

Breakfast: yogurt (100c), cereal (140c)=240c
AM Snack: rice cakes=70c
Lunch: sandwich (250c), chips (120c), brownie (110c)=480c
Pre-Workout Snack: rice cakes (40c) and drinkable yogurt (60c)=100c
Post-Workout Snack: mango protein shake (190c) and granola (140c)=330c
Dinner: fried cutlet (220c), tabouli (220c), and Mediterranean veggies (35c)=475c
Dessert: cookie=100c
Late Night Snack: fruit bar=60c

Total: 1855
Net: 1585

biked 30min, 10.75 miles: burned 275c