Monday, March 28, 2011


weight: 181lbs

Breakfast: strawberry-mango shake (225c) and cheerios w/ almond milk (120cc)=345c
Snack: rice cakes=125c
Lunch: sandwich (235), cheese curls (70c), SF bar (100c)=405c
Snack: animal crackers (90c), SF bar (100c)=190c
Snack: rice cake=45c
Dinner: pork with apples, yams, and pear (250c), garlic bulger & rice (175c), roll (85c), salad (125c), quarter of a cookie (30c)=665

Total: 1775
Net: 1350

1 hour of strength training (125c) with 30 minute elliptical warmup (300c)=425c burned