Thursday, March 3, 2011


Weight: 184 lbs

Breakfast: 2 eggs (140c), 2 pieces (15g) of bacon (85c), 78g walnut-wheat bread (200c), coffee (40c)= 465c
Lunch: ham (50c) and cheese (50c) on sprouted bread (100c) with mayo (25c), salad of watermelon (15c), strawberries (15c), and grapes (60c), greek yogurt (110c)= 425c
Snack: Greek yogurt=140c
Dinner @ OG: Guinness Draught (125c); minestrone 100c, breadstick (150c); 1/2 Venetian apricot chicken (200c); slice of cake (205c) and espresso (0) =780c

Total: 1810c