Thursday, March 31, 2011


weight: 179.5
(I should be happy... I lost a pound and a half over last night, but instead, I'm sad that tomorrow was my goal for 175 and I'm 4.5 pounds away!!!)

breakfast: drinkable yogurt (60c), cereal (240c)=300c
snack: nuts, goldfish, and mini rice cakes=180c
post run: cheribundi=90c
lunch: soup (160c), sandwich (200c), rice cake (45c), 2 cookies=505c
snack:veggie stix (140), rice cakes (130c)=270c
dinner: salad (90c), soup (140c), sandwich (125c)= 355c

Total: 1700c
Net:  1100c

5 mile run (5mph): burned 600c