Friday, March 4, 2011


Weight: 184
YAY!  No weight from last night! :)

Breakfast: cheerios (110c) with almond milk (20c), fruit cup of strawberries/watermelon/grapes (100c)=230c
AM Snack: greek yogurt (160c) and cookie (80c)=240c
Lunch: ham and swiss sandwich on teff bread (275c), fruit salad (80c), cookie (100c)=455c
PM Snack: jelly beans=140c
Dinner: cornmeal crusted flounder (450c), herbed root veggies (175c), dirty rice (200c), cornbread (350c), banana pudding (250c)=1425c

Total: 2490

Spent an hour at the gym: 1/2 hour on the bike (11 miles in 30:30 aka 21.6mph) burned 500 calories; 1/2 hour on the elliptical (2.4 miles) on intervals, burned 335 calories: total: 835 calories

Even though my calories are way high, I'm at 1655 net ones, so I guess I should be happy... Next time, I should stop eating when I'm done!!!