Saturday, March 5, 2011


Weight: 184
(I'm happy for no change because, after yesterday, I was thinking that would NOT be the case!)

Breakfast: cheerios (110c) with almond milk (20c) and banana (45c), half a container of greek yogurt (80c), plain Irish breakfast tea (0)=255c
AM Snack: granola bar (140c), 2 flatbread crackers (60c), 2 thin slices jack cheese (100c)=300c
Lunch: 2 pieces of pizza (450), 4 chicken pieces (200c), 1 chicken wing (50c), ranch dressing (50c)=750c
Dinner: Rosary gathering: spanokopita (300c), veggies and dip (200c), roasted chicken (200c), Greek salad (200c), rice crispy treat (300c), coffee (60c)=1260c

Total: 2565

UGH.... If I dont workout, there may be hell to pay tomorrow... BUMMER!

Pushed the stroller for 2 walks, totaling 20 minutes: burned 75c