Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Weight: 185
(WTF???  I do NOT get that!)

Breakfast: cheerios (110c) with almond milk (20c) and coffee (60c)=190c
AM Snack: Greek yogurt=140c
AM Snack: rice cake=45c
Lunch: ham & cheese sandwich (250c), tuna fish on crackers (185c) 1/2 cookie (50c)=485c
Dinner: asparagus saffron pasta= 750c
Post Dinner: coffee=60c

Total: 1670
Net: 1190

Ran 3.2 miles in 33 minutes, burned 480 calories
(my 5K time, which included 1 minute of warmup walking and 1 minute of post walking, was 31:53!!!)