Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Tomato & Turkey Bene

We are big fans of any type of "eggs benedict".  I'm sure our "bene's" will make several appearances!

Tomato & Turkey Benedict
1 sprouted grain english muffin  (I love this brand)
2 large eggs
2oz thin sliced turkey
1 small roma tomato
cooking spray

Toast the english muffin.  Over medium heat, spray a pan and saute the turkey and tomato (separately) until warm.  Top the 2 muffins equally with the tomato then the turkey.  In the same pan, spray again and fry the eggs, keeping the yolks runny but fully cooking the eggs.  Top the muffins with one egg each.

(This is delicious to share or, for a very filling breakfast that will run you from 6am to noon without hunger, have both pieces!)

2 servings: 185 calories per serving (or 370 calories for the entire thing)