Friday, April 1, 2011


Weight: 179.5

Breakfast: simple blueberry shake=250c
Snack: rice cakes (130c), 2 3-muskterer minis (50c)=180c
Lunch: tuna sandwich with feta (250c) and tomato soup made with almond milk (135c), cookie (100c)=485c
Snack: coffee and cookie=100c
Snack: drinkable yogurt (60c), rice cookies (65c)
Dinner: cornbread (175c), roasted fingerlings (140c), herb & tomato roasted orange roughy (125c), salad (125c), avocado pudding with whipped cream and chocolate cookie (210c)=775
Moment of Weakness... Ate 3 Whole Foods Chocolate Chews... I wasn't even hungry.  :( = 300c

Total: 2215c
Net: 1860c

Walked 2.34m on the treadmill, burned 295c; strength trained and stretched for 30 minutes, burned 60c; total burned 355c