Tuesday, April 26, 2011


weight: 174.5 (can we say "Mexican dinner"????)

breakfast: cereal=130c
snack: rice cakes (140c) with cheese (80c)=220c
lunch: tortilla (50c) with turkey (90c) and cheese (80c)=220c
snack: Greek yogurt (120c), hummus on tortilla (100c)=220c
dinner: tabouli (400c), hummus (200c), pita (150c), veggies (50c), ice cream (100c)=900c
post run snack: iced latte=110c

total: 1800c
net: 940c

walked with the kids for an hour: burned 200c
light gardening for 2 hours: burned 200c
3m run (50min): burned 460c