Thursday, April 28, 2011


weight: 173.5 (thank you, candy...)

breakfast: cereal=130c
snack: granola bar=140c
lunch: HC meal (270c), rice cakes (130c)=400c
snack: fruit salad (100c) and cereal (130c)=230c
snack: iced latte (110c), 1/2 lemon bar (70c)=180c
dinner: (Ps dad's bday dinner): bread (200c), boar (150c), gravy (25c), stuffing (200c), cabbage (50c), fruit salad (200c), eggplant (100c), wine (100c), coffee (100c), birthday cake (700c)=1825c

Total: 2905c
Net: 1920c

20 minute walk with the kids, burned 70c
7m run, 69 minutes, burned 915c