Saturday, April 30, 2011


weight: 172.5

breakfast: 2 eggs (140c), spelt toast (85c) with crunchy peanut butter (120c)= 345c
pre-run snack: hemp granola bar=140c
during run- sugar dots=150c
post-run snack: Greek yogurt (140c), cheri bundi (80c)=220c
late lunch/early dinner: lemongrass soup (250c), 3 shrimp corn cakes (300c), seafood in red curry (600c), and 1/2 scoop green tea ice cream (70c), with 3 glasses of white wine (265c)=1485c

Total: 2340
Net:  785

long run: 11.5 miles outing
   walk warm-up: 0.25m
   run: 10.75m
   walk cool-down: 0.5m
burned 1400c

leisurely bike ride with Peter for 1/2 an hour or so, burned 155c