Monday, April 4, 2011


Breakfast: (6:30am) simple strawberry smoothie=250c
Breakfast: (9:30am) @ the diner with the kids/in-laws: grilled pork chop (130c), 2 eggs (140c), homefries (300c), biscuit (150c), coffee (5c), crystal light punch (20c)=745c
Lunch: tuna fish salad (150c) and rice cakes (100c), cookie (50c)=350c
Snack: soft serve ice cream=500c
Dinner: wrap (350c) with slice of watermelon (80c) and handful of grapes (50c)=480

Total: 2325
Net: 1850

Not a great food day... And I'm so wiped out (could be crap in=crap out but I dont know)...  We walked to the local ice cream place, so I can at least say that mitigated eating some of the soft serve, but really...  We all know the truth...

Walked 2 miles: burned 200c
Elliptical warm-up (15 minutes) burned 150c
Personal Training appointment, 1 hour: burned 125c
Total burned: 475c