Friday, April 8, 2011


weight: 176.5

breakfast: cereal (120c) and yogurt covered dried mango pieces (80c)=200c
snack: rice cakes=140c
lunch: tuna sandwich (225c), tomato soup (150c), rice cakes (100c)=475c
snack: coffee=60c
snack: greek yogurt (170c), rice cakes with soft cheese (140c)=310c
dessert: spanokopita (155c), mixed veggies (35c), chipotle sweet potatoes (90c), english muffin (150c), brownie (140c)=570)
post workout snack: blendini=350c

Total: 2100
Net: 1690

Gym: walked on treadmill(30 min) burned 310c, strength training (40m) burned 100c: total burned=410c