Friday, April 1, 2011

Month in Review: March 2011

I began March 1st weighing 185.5 lbs with a BMI of 29.1.
As of April 1st, I weigh 179.5 lbs and have a BMI of 28.1.

Overall, I have lost 60.5 lbs and 9.5 BMI points.
For the month of March, I worked out 40 times, with a mix of running, walking, using the elliptical, strength training, swimming, and biking.  This averages to more than once a day!  (sometimes strength training and cardio took place on the same day, hence the 2-to-1 ratio on some days)

My calorie goal per day for February was to consume 1700 calories.  I averaged 1893 per day.  This is 193 over my increased goal, and is a slight increase from last month.  I tried keeping track of net vs total calories, thinking that simply keeping my net calories below 1700 would be enough, but, for me, that is not the case, and March became a time of plateau for me.  

March was, weight wise, a bust.  I had a large plateau and couldnt seem to get below the 180 mark for weeks, when I felt that I should have been able to.  I was very disappointed in myself and felt that I was self sabotaging by eating.  I tried to exercise my net calories below my daily goal, but that didnt work for me.  It helped me to maintain, which will be good for me in a few months, but for right now, 1700 total is what is helping me lose.  I am less than 30 pounds from my final goal and, although I've missed by 175 lbs/April 1st, goal, I am working hard to reach that by the first full week of April.  I'm hoping, still, to reach my large goal by the end of June.  I'd love to do it by my birthday, but I dont think that is realistic.  

Exercise wise, I'm very happy.  I workout 6 times a week, on average.  I have added strength training 3 days a week and consult with a personal trainer.  3 times a week (at least) I do cardio.  I try to run at least twice a week.  I made a huge distance goal of 7.5m running (8.5 miles on the entire outing with warm up and cool down).

I feel that I'm learning how to modify recipes to make them healthier.  For many things that I bake, it is using whole wheat or nut flours instead of plain white flour.  I also have been experimenting with alternative sugar sources.  

I feel good.  I really do.  I'm proud of myself and believe that I am SO much healthier... and not just for my family, but for me too.