Monday, April 11, 2011

The Week in Review, 4/3-4/10

started out blogging with the scale reading: 177 lbs
As of this morning, the scale reading: 176 lbs
Total Weight Lost:  1 lb
This is worse than last week.

I started out the week hoping to do at least 4 days of exercise.
This week, I ran, walked, strength trained, swam, and biked over 7 days.

This week, I wanted to keep my calories around 1700 calories per day.
My best day logged 1625 calories and my worst day logged 2400 calories.
My average calories, per day, for the week, were 2026 total calories

1 of 7 days was within my calorie range.
This is worse than last week.

On a scale from 1-10, with 10 being a complete success with no regrets, I would give this week a 5.  I've finally busted the 175 barrier, and that is another goal under my belt, although now I'm 176!  This is the first weigh in that I dont understand.  I started my period yesterday and this is day 3 of sleeping less than 2 hours (due to either an upset tummy on my part or, last night, to Maya having nightmares and only be comforted in my arms- no complaints!)  Assuming those two things have influenced the scale and I'm "really" in the 174.5 range as I was yesterday morning,  I'm less than 25 pounds from my end goal, and am 15-ish pounds from being within a "normal" weight.  This is hugely exciting.  Even though my exercise is good, I havent been able to do a long run in 2 weeks and this is a huge downer.  My food choices have been okay, but I still need to do better.  It's a work in progress and I realize that, but it's still hard sometimes.  I'm eating more at a "maintenance" rate instead of a weight loss rate and I need to get back on track if I hope to welcome my birthday at a healthy weight.

I also have been self-sabotaging again and I really need to get my emotional self under better control.  Easier said than done at times...