Tuesday, May 10, 2011


weight: 172

breakfast: cereal=130c
snack: tuna fish (125c) on wrap (60c)=185c
lunch: HC meal=250c
snack: carrots (50c) and onion dip (50c)=100c
snack: wrap (60c) with cream cheese (60c) and ham (45c)=165
snack: kids size Rita's sugar-free water ice and slenderita kids size custard: 260c


dinner: 1 wrap (60c) with 30g rice (100c), beans (75c), 100g peppers (25c) & 60g onions (25c) and 113g zucchini (20c) with 2oz steak (90c) and fajita seasoning (50c), lettuce (5c) and 50g tomato (10c), 14g cheese (50c), and 1tbsp homemade guacamole (20c) and 31g salsa (5c)=535c