Wednesday, May 11, 2011


weight: 170.5

breakfast: cereal=130
lunch: wrap (60c) with cheese (35c), ham (50c), and veggies (30c), rice chips (130c), PB granola square (90c) dark choc granola square (80c)=475c
snack: wrap (60c) with cheese (35c) and turkey (45c)=140c
snack: crackers w/ cheese (130c) and turkey (45c), cheese (60c), watermelon (40c) =275c
dinner: creamed corn (350c), grilled bass (105c), cornbread (175c), salad (100c), grilled veggies (50c), banana pudding (300c)=1080c

Total: 2100
Net: 1630

walked 40 minutes, burned 140c
33min on elliptical, burned 330c
total burned: 470c