Wednesday, May 18, 2011


weight: 170

breakfast: cereal & fruit (150c), coffee (25c)=175c
snack: pretzels=110c
lunch: wrap (60c) with turkey (45c) and cheese (70c), mayo (25c), lettuce (5c), tomato (15c), and carrots (10c), chips (120), choc granola (80c)=430
snack: choc fudge icecream bar=100c
snack: clam chowder (220c), crackers (130c)=350c
dinner: BBQ ribs (160c), collard greens (30c), mashed, skin-on potatoes (130c) salad (50c), fruit salad (50c), corn muffin (170c), lemon cake (125c)=715c

Total: 1705c
Net: 1315c
ran 3.3m in 33 minutes, burned 390c