Thursday, May 19, 2011


weight: 169
(YAY!!! I broke through the 170 plateau!!!)

breakfast: cereal (130c) and coffee (50c)=180c
snack: granola with PB (80c) and dark chocolate (90c)=170c
lunch: soup (140c), crackers (130c)=270c
2nd lunch: wrap (60c) with turkey (45c), soft cheese (35c), lettuce, tomato, & carrots (20c) and baked Doritos (90c), pudding (60c)=310c
dinner: veggie korma (230c), brown basmati rice (250c), 2 mozz-corn nuggets (100c)=580c
dessert: lemon cake (125c) and tea=125c

Total: 1635