Monday, May 2, 2011


weight: 171.5

breakfast: cereal=130c
snack: rice cakes (130c) and cheese (80c)=210c
lunch: HC meal (260c), cheesecake (150c)=410c
dinner: 1/2c homemade chicken salad (300c) on a spinach flatbread (90c), chips (90c), cantaloupe banana smoothie (350c), cheesecake (220c)=1050
preworkout snack: rice cakes and cheese (225c), cake (225c)=450c

Total: 2250
Net: 1645

65min on the elliptical (5.05 miles), burned 620c
(hopefully enough to negate the chocolate cake and cheesecake that I had to have to settle my nerves today!!!)