Sunday, May 22, 2011


World didnt end... I'm still here, weighing myself, and on cloud nine after a GREAT 5K and a fun day with my sweet niece who was recently Confirmed!!

weight: 170c

breakfast: cereal (150), coffee (50)=200c
lunch: wrap (165c), fruit salad (140c) over greek yogurt (60c)=365c
snack: shared a smoothie with Peter and kids=150c
dinner: eggplant parm (300c), kale (100c), slice of bread (100c), corn on the cob (100c)with butter (75c)=675c
dessert: zabligone with pound cake (135c), mixed fruit (75c), custard (100c), and greek yogurt (60c)=370c
Total: 1760c
Net: 1205c

ran 4.8m with 42min of running/18min walking warm up and cool down, burned 435
pushed stroller to downtown and back, burned 140c
total burned: 575